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Strategy Toolbox

Temps suggéré

  • 45 minutes

Niveau de Difficulté

  • Moyen

Matériels Nécessaires

  • Design Criteria Canvas imprimés
  • Marqueurs
  • Post-it


  • Equipe de Direction, CoDir, Design, stratégie, projet
  • 3-5 personnes


Whether you’re designing a new Value Proposition, Business Model, or even an entire strategy for the future, design criteria form the principles and benchmarks of the change you’re after. 

Design criteria are not formulated from thin air. Rather, design criteria incorporate information from your business, vision, customer research, cultural and economic context, and mindset that you have formed along the way.


Don’t think of these criteria as simply features of your idea. They can and should be more than that. 

For example, a design criteria coming from your vision might be that your business must contribute to a greener planet. 

Or, maybe you want your customers to feel delighted; this is another design criterion. 

Does your new business idea need to generate a certain amount of revenue within three years? Chalk that up to more design criteria. 

In short, design criteria are there to make it easy to determine if you are on the right track.

The design criteria you capture will likely first come from the vision you’ve formulated with your team. 

You’ll find that some of the elements in that vision are so important that they are non-negotiable. 

Yes, that also means that some elements are a bit more flexible (maybe not totally flexible). 

To find the most important elements in your vision, use the “MoSCoW” method: categorize every element under “Must,” “Should,” “Could,” or “Won’t.” This will help you prioritize.

Once you’ve started this exercise, you might find that you need to adjust your vision slightly. 

This may prompt you to take a different direction. If that’s the case, adjust the design criteria so that they match the new direction. 

As you continue to evolve your point of view, you may need to add or update your design criteria.

Source : Design a Better Business

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